Appendi guinzaglio
Appendi guinzaglio

LEASH HANGER  Haaawwnn ... what a sweet awakening, wait for me to stretch ...

I'm ready to go out, where is my leash?

It isn’t on the LEASH HANGER, but where has that human put it?

He has given me a functional and really beautiful LEASH HANGER,

at the height of my lineage.
Here's the human, he's holding my leash, he's already got it from the LEASH HANGER ...

let's go out and when we come back I'll make sure he hangs it on my LEASH HANGER,

just ready for another walk. 

If you want to find me look under the LEASH HANGER, I'm there  waiting for you.

LEASH HANGER ... you will not be able to do without it.